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Is Your Property Right For Telecommunications?

Our core competence is in maximizing the value of what was once considered unprofitable rooftop space by providing full-service, vertically-integrated rooftop antenna collocation management.
> We are a strong team with Legal, Telecom and Real Estate backgrounds to market your rooftop to major cell phone and broad band service providers. WAM has years of experience with site acquisition, zoning, real estate marketing and construction.
> We have relationships with and market your rooftop to most of the major national cell phone and data carriers.
> We provide professional lease negotiations on your behalf once a tenant has been identified to maximize the value of your property and protect your interests.
> We provide inspection and monitoring services including an initial site evaluation, pre-installation inspection and a post installation inspection. Once a lease is in place, we provide ongoing quarterly inspections including an annual inspection that checks antennas (paint, attachments, cables) and base equipment (all seals, lines, cables) to make sure all safety policies, procedures and agreements are followed by the tenant.
> Lease revenue is shared by building owner and WAM.
> Building owners can be involved at any level they choose - WAM is prepared to assume full management responsibilities of the site.
> Respecting your building tenants so as to not disturb the during antenna/base equipment installation is a top priority.
> All contractors, prior to any work, will be screened for proper insurance and permits.
> Building owners concerns will always be our top priority. WAM strives to build a strong relationship with all of its building owners. We are not happy until the building owner is happy.
> We provide bookkeeping and year-end tax document reporting.

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