WAM | Wireless Asset Management



WAM offers all the resources necessary for a complete rooftop management solution.  Services range from rooftop audits to marketing and lease negotiation/re-negotiation.  WAM can also oversee construction and enforce RF safety requirements as they relate to the interests of the landlord.

Site Audit
> WAM will perform a site audit and take full inventory of existing and possible future equipment locations.  Each cabinet, shelter, antenna, and coax line will be detailed to ascertain ownership.
> Existing equipment and potential locations will be used to create a basic rooftop map.
Lease Audit
> WAM will perform an analysis of the existing leases.  Current lease rates, rent escalation terms, and equipment schedules will be examined to reveal any discrepancies.
> WAM will identify the contact person for each existing carrier to resolve any issues.  
Renegotiating Leases
> In some instances WAM can work to renegotiate existing leases.  In many cases we can increase revenue by renewing leases close to expiration.
> WAM will coordinate with the building owner or management company to create and modify any licensing agreements.
> WAM will create a marketing plan for potential rooftop lessees and market directly to wireless carriers whose needs would best be met by the subject building.
> WAM will provide existing tenants with prompt, on-site customer service, which can help guarantee the continued renewal of rooftop leases.
> WAM will perform a safety review of the rooftop to insure that it meets current and proposed OSHA standards.
> Upon the request of the landlord WAM can coordinate 3rd party structural and electrical analyses on existing and recently installed equipment. 
> WAM will review Radio Frequency (RF) emission safeguards and provide safety and liability guidelines.  
Installation and Construction Consultation
> WAM will monitor construction activities on new installations.  WAM will review all construction plans, permits, and assure zoning compliance.
> WAM will perform all required construction walks and close out walks with contractors and carrier representatives.
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