WAM | Wireless Asset Management



Today, wireless antenna sites are becoming increasingly more difficult to secure. Success in site development requires experience, ability, knowledge, and determination.

We can assist with the following steps in the site development process:

>Initial Site Selection
>Lease / Purchase Negotiation and Coordination
>A&E Coordination
>Due Diligence Coordination
>Zoning Approval & Permit Coordination

We can provide contract services to assist clients with any of the services listed above. In many cases we can provide true “turn key” solutions. Our involvement in the entire process has allowed us to create an added value for our client. However, the most important thing for our client is that we are not a tower company. At Wireless Asset Management, LLC our mission, simply stated, is TO MAXIMIZE THE PROPERTY OWNER’S VALUE. We achieve this by concentrating on rooftop collocation. Our competitors own and/or operate towers, which are very expensive to build. Due to the up-front cost of constructing a communications tower, most tower companies focus their efforts and energy on placing clients on communication towers, while providing only minimal service to their rooftop clients.

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