WAM | Wireless Asset Management



Once a site is acquired and all necessary zoning and building permit approvals have been granted, the focus shifts to Construction Management. WAM can assist in this phase of development and effectively manage all aspects of construction from start to close.

Through our own resources and other affiliations within the wireless industry, WAM can effectively manage the construction and development of our clients' communications sites. WAM has developed the following four-step process:

>Equipment Procurement and Bidding
>Site Construction
>Accounting and Reporting

The pre-permit phase involves a preliminary financial pro-forma which is created on a site by site basis. At this juncture WAM will evaluate each site individually and estimate a projected build cost. This will assist the client in their internal budgeting procedures. All hard costs for the project will be determined and variables such as power, telephone, and access will be estimated through meetings with contractors, utility providers, etc.

Once a client has allocated funds for a grouping of sites, WAM will begin to secure the equipment necessary for each site. WAM will detail a list of required equipment for each site and have it ordered and scheduled for delivery. For larger builds WAM can assist in obtaining warehouse space or staging area for equipment storage. While equipment is on order WAM will competitively bid, and assign the job to a qualified general contractor. Throughout the job WAM will provide quality control to help ensure a quality installation. WAM will also audit construction as it progresses to track its adherence to the assigned budget.

At the beginning of construction, a WAM representative will be present to meet with the selected general contractor as well as government officials, property owners, major subcontractors, and utility representatives. WAM effectively becomes the liaison between the engineers, equipment manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, and our client. Upon completion, WAM will coordinate with the original engineers, surveyors, and suppliers to develop an "as-built" close out package. This package will document all physical aspects of the construction site.

Throughout the process, WAM will provide clients with a steady stream of construction information. WAM will issue reports detailing projected vs. actual expenditures, site construction reports, and number of other reports that provide clients with everything they require to measure the progression of the project.

Our detailed process and experience helps us ensure a smooth construction schedule. This ultimately allows the client to meet or exceed on-air times for any given project.

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